Perfect Nails for your wedding? Yes, I do!

Perfect Nails for your wedding? Yes, I do!

What are the definitive rules for nailing your manicure on your big day? With the guestlist, the wedding dress, your wedding hair and your makeup at the top of your to-do lists, nails can easily become the least of your worries. That being said though, no one wants to be lifting a chipped, red raw finger when it comes to the exchange rings. Giving nails and hands a bit of TLC in the lead up to the occasion is actually refreshingly simpler that most of us think. Here are the 4 top nail tip-offs that every bride needs to know...


Nails will only be as photogenic as the level of groundwork you put in, so keep nails in tip top condition by allowing enough time to right any nail care sins. But, how long before the big day should we start the prep though and how often should we see a manicurist? This, of course, depends on the state of your own nails. If you are a biter, then we would suggest a weekly visit at least 6-8 weeks before. For normal nails that need a tidy up and help with growth, then 1 or 2 manicures before the big day manicure should be enough to keep nails and cuticles in check.


The quality of your wedding day manicure and how long it lasts depends on the condition of your nail beds. If cracked, ridged or dehydrated, chipped nails will be inevitable. Therefore, investing in a product with conditioning treatment it is a brillant idea. Always keep nails protected with a polish or at the very least a hardener. So which products really work? We recomed you protein hardener ideal for weak and soft nails. Always use cuticle oil, 2-3 times a day - massaging it into the cuticle area will promote growth and keep them healthy. Oil Instant Liss is our favourite, the new format on-the-go is so convinient!


Is the French manicure out? If you’re looking for an update, this it is your year. A polish fade or ombre is the trendy wave for this spring-summer 2015. Also, a good alternative is soft pink faded it into a white or even a glitter or metallic at the base of the nail (Coming Soon. Ask your distributor)

bodegon 6francesas

TIP 4: DON’T FORGET ABOUT MANIS FOR THE BRIDESMAIDS Hell hath no fury like a bridesmaid scorned. So to avoid making an enemy for in you wedding day, just stick with the classics if you want to stay safe. It's fun to match the colour scheme, but if you want to keep everyone happy, the a classic French or modern nude is least likely to offend! We reccomend you the new classic DELUXE line with 6 colors for a perfect french nails.

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