Gel nails or acrylic nails. Which one do I choose?

Gel nails or acrylic nails. Which one do I choose?

One of the most common questions we are being asked is which technique is better to use when sculpting nails. .
We help you to choose the most convenient technique for you.

What do I use to sculpt nails, acrylic or gel?

We have asked our technical advisor Yulia to sculpt two nails using two different techniques. As you can see, the final result is almost the same in terms of finishing and durability. Only an expert could catch the difference between these two techniques.

If you want to sculpt nails, using Gel or Acrylic, we advise you to choose the most comfortable technique for you, so you will get a great result.

Our technical advisors agree that using gel to sculpt nails is easier to handle and easier to learn. Because of this, it will be easier for you to develop your skills when starting to sculpt nails with this technique.
As time goes by and after some practice, it will be the same for you to sculpt nails using both techniques, so the advantages offered by each product will help you to decide which technique is most convenient for you.

Advantages of sculpting nails using gel



  • This technique is a little bit faster
  • It doesn’t smell, which is most comfortable for you and your clients
  • It is easier to file
  • It is easier to handle

Advantages to sculpt nails using acrylic / porcelain


  • The sculpted nail is more resistant, so it will withstand intensive daily routines
  • It lasts longer
  • Wide range of colors and decoration because you can use colorful acrylic powder
  • It is easier to make effects or relieves on your Nail Art

Thuya has a wide range of sculpting products, both for gels and acrylics, suitable for any kind of professionals, levels and skills.

Gel for nails sculpted

Gel for Nails Wood

Ideal for beginners sculpting gel

Gel for Nails Wood

Gel for Nails Mono-phase

One product. Express service of the highest quality.

Gel for Nails

Gel for nails without Lamp

Beautification and elongation nail for a special occasion
Gel for nails
without Lamp

Gel for Nails Advanced Evolution

Biphase. Easily levels and produces no burning sensation

Gel for Nails
Advanced Evolution


Acrylic for nail sculpted


Its texture allows for detailed work with large sculpted times

Acrylic for nail sculpted

Solar Line

Maximum sun protection. The nail color as bright as the first day with a sculpted intermediate time

Acrylic Solar Line for nail sculpted

Acrylic Premium

Comfortable, quick drying and sculpting results with Premium

Acrylic Premium for Nails


Our wide range of products allows you to enjoy many types of durability, drying time, handling, decoration and solar resistance.

Our advice:
Choose the one that suits you most. You will get the best result and it will takes you less time.

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