Product of the week: Gel On-Off seasonal colors

Product of the week: Gel On-Off seasonal colors

Color, color and more color!

Today we look the world through Red Rome, Nude, Stone Grey, Forest and Neon purple. Ideal colors for this season and perfect for combining them with the trendiest outfits.

The Gel On-Off is a worthy product, recommended and even awarded at the Estetic Award of Milan, due to all the benefits that gives to our nails. Forget about filing before and after the removal, all of us know how tedious it is! After two weeks of perfect nails, say goodbye easily to your favorite color.

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Give a color touch in your daily routine with the seasonal Gel On-Off; dazzle with a perfect manicure, a professional finish and a desirable brightness and thickness. The perfect allied to make sublime decorations and the most creative nail art.

You will love them. You won’t be able to live without them!

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