Christmas Packs

Christmas Packs

We come ahead on time and we launch two new essential kits for this Christmas. The perfect present for you.

During these important dates all of us write postcards, we place the Christmas tree, we dust off the balls, we hang the lights and the mistletoe, we walk under our bright streets of our city looking for the perfect present. And so many other activities that we are going to do these wonderful times called Christmas, with our hands as protagonists. Our hands are so important and for this reason, it’s time to pamper, nourish and gives vitality to them.

Thuya comes early with these two packs that will turn this winter into a summer for your hands: Pure Perfect Skin that will provide you with an excellent beauty, and also the Anti-Aging Express Beauty, that becomes the age into a simple number.

Pack Navidad Cuidado de la pielPURE PERFECT SKIN
It provides vitality and brightness while regenerating our skin. Your will have your hands soft and nourished with these three simple steps:
Exfoliating oleogel with argan oil 30 ml: Two treatments in one: make an antiaging peeling on your skin. During the application see how its texture turns into a moisturizing emulsion. It softens and provides brightness to the skin, at the same time that protects from the external aggressions and sunburns.
Nourishing Argan Oil 50 ml: This lotion nourishes, provides brightness and increases the oxygenation of the skin, after the exfoliation with the Oleogel. Roll On Oil Instant Liss 5ml: It hydrates, softens and regenerates the cuticles due to the rosehip oil, avocado, jojoba and argan. Moreover, the argan oil together with the almonds oil strengthen and hydrate the nail plate. With a soft massage at the end your cuticles will be perfect.



Pack navidad anti agingANTI-AGING EXPRESS BEAUTY
¿Do you want smooth hands all the day? With this pack you can care your hands from sunrise to sunset. And if you need more: take the lotion with you to be ready at any moment. Two units of Flash Tensor with cap: due to Flash Tensor your hands will experience immediately a tensor effect and they will look firmer and unwrinkled.
Hyaluronic acid moisturizing lotion 50 ml: it gives firmness and hydrates the skin, while delaying the aging of the skin.
Roll on Oil Instant Liss 5 ml.

You have now the perfect allied for this Christmas. Ideal for recommending, gifting and self-pampering!

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