New Forest Deluxe Pack

New Forest Deluxe Pack

Forget about complications, the Deluxe nail polish range is the perfect ally to show off your manicure.

Nails are one of the most important part of our image, for this reason, we have launched a new pack with six new amazing tones for this winter.

The Deluxe Forest pack is made of 6 trendy colors:

Pink: a lively tone to give color to your grey days

Light brown: perfect for a discrete and impeccable nails

Purple: a very stylish tone

Dark brown: excellent for an elegant look

Blue: an intense tone to feel full of energy


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The Deluxe range gives a perfect and professional finish because it has a great adherence, amazing brightness, better cover and fast dry.

Because of its easy application the time won’t be an excuse to have always perfect nails.

We have enough reasons to make this tentative product, don’t you think? 

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