Product of the week: sugar exfoliator

Product of the week: sugar exfoliator

Clean and nourish your skin with our sugar exfoliator

Be amazed by all the benefits of the sugar exfoliator!
It is made of three natural components. Due to its application you will get incredible results to your hands and feet because:

Pearly sugar:
It cleans your skin and eliminates dead cells. It rejuvenates your skin.
It is a natural exfoliator that helps the skin to be smoother. Your skin will look healthier and totally hydrated.
Sesame oil: 
It is a natural antioxidant used as anti-aging.
It has the anti-inflammatory and calming effect that your skin needs.
It is a natural revitalizing that nourishes your skin and gets natural firmness
It is the perfect oil for a perfect hydration
Jojoba oil:
A natural allied perfect to prevent from wrinkles and skin diseases
It gives perfect hydration to dried skins and it also eliminates callosities

Exfoliante de azucar calidad baja

Surprising, right? It is a perfect 3 in 1 with an endless number of benefits that will help to care your skin in a natural way. Moreover, it will leave a pleasant apple and vanilla smell.

Don’t wait more and check it out!

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