Fall Tour

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Fall Tour

Our export partners have traveled the world in recent weeks

We have been in major exhibitions with our distributors and we increase in more countries thanks to its work. These days we have added to our distribution network to countries like Honduras , Lithuania , Kazakhstan and Ukraine . We would like to welcome you to our new distributors. We are pleased to have you with us .


Thuya Grecia

We visited with our distributor in Greece HELLAS THUYA EMM. E. GALOUNIS Beauty Fair Festival . Demonstrations of our products nail Greek captivated the audience



We went through the fair Beauty Expo . Olga Rybakova (Export Area Manager TPL ) visited our distributor Districos in Brussels and presented our updated line of eyelash dye with keratin . "The new line of eyelash tinting has been very well received by the properties provided by the keratin to the classic formula with Aloe Vera" says Olga .



Thuya Italia

From our distributor NAILS & BEAUTY YANNA Esthetiworld were in fiera MiCo CONGRESS MILANO http://www.esthetiworld.com/ . Quite a debut of our distributor in the fair presented their version of our website in Italian



Thuya México

Matteo Lupezza that was in Expo Beauty Show in Mexico says : " The nail line with argan oil have raised great expectations "


Czech Republic

República Checa

Modelaznehtu . Our distributor attended the Prague Interbeauty. Our advice Ampi Mullor proved his expertise in the construction and decoration of nails leaving the audience speechless



Thuya Belgica

It was held in Belgrade "Fair of Cosmetics" we attended with Unitech .



Thuya Turquía

We were for the 1st time in Ankara with KOZMETIK TANAÇAN A.Ş. In Beauty & Care 2013 . In the presentation of our products and nail the Golden Argan Oil eyes attracted all eyes.



Thuya Rumanía

Our distributor ETERNAL BEAUTY SRL had a tour across the country performing learning seminars on the use of our nail sculpting techniques.



Thuya Argentina

Las Margaritas were visited by Laia Salvador . Our new permanent color nail polish was "permanent" talking point ;)



Thuya Chile

Our distributor in Chile BEPRO I take those days shared with Laia for courses and product demonstrations Thuya



Thuya Argentina

Las Margaritas were visited by Laia Salvador . Our new permanent color nail polish was "permanent" talking point;)



Thuya Reuni Unido

We visited our distributor We visited our distributor Ellisons  in UK. They showed great interest in our renewed eyelash tinting with keratin.


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