Heat treatment with collagen

Tratamiento para la piel de calor con colágeno

The application of heat in an area of ​​the body produces an increased surface temperature.

Dilates blood vessels which leads to increased blood flow with a corresponding increase in the supply of O2 and nutrients and improving venous and lymphatic drainage. Consequence of this has a relaxing anti-inflammatory effect, and it reduces muscle tone directly.

Heat Treatment with Collagen is a complete treatment for hands and feet that gives skin:

  • Hydration, Nutrition and elasticity to the skin.
  • Cell regeneration .
  • Relaxation.

It also includes aromatic elements to the atmosphere in the cabin.

Information for Professionals

Our products are dermatologically tested in the laboratory.
However, testing is recommended 24h tolerance for any specific allergies of the client.

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Heat treatment with collagen


Elements responsible for providing heat to the skin.


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