Deluxe Frorest Nail Polish

The best selection of winter colors for manicure. Deluxe nail polish.
Nail Polish Aloha DeluxeNail Polish AlohaDeluxe
Nail Polish Aloha Deluxe
Nail Polish Aloha Deluxe

The Forest nail polish Deluxe pack comes with winter trendy colors and completes the Red and French Deluxe collection.

  • Pink
  • Forest
  • Light brown
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Blue

Faster drying, excellent coverage and extraordinary brightness.

Esmaltes Deluxe Forest

Deluxe range of our nail polish is characterized by a high quality. Coverage colors with high adhesion. Thanks to the Extra-thin Premium brush, the application is simple, and with his fast drying and amazing shining ensures perfect and professional finish


  • Professional finish
  • Extra-thin Premium brush
  • Amazing shining
  • Great coverage
  • Fast drying
  • Fast and easy application

With THUYA DELUXE will enjoy a perfect professional finish thanks to his texture and its Extra-thin Premium brush whit shaped cat's tongue and perfectly adapted to the shape of the nail and allows quick and easy application.


With the best presentation for your customers.

  • Pack with 6 units


Range: Pink, Forest, Light brownk, Purple, Brown, Blue.
Display content: 6 units 
(1 of each color)



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