Acrylic Solar Line for Nails

Acrílico de construcción de uñas Solar Line

The line of perfect nails for the summer season and exposure to UVA radiation. A range of products with maximum protection to keep the color of acrylic nail intact as freshly carved.

Maximum sun protection . The color of acrylic nails is as bright as day.

THUYA SOLAR LINE offers professional all sculpted acrylic products polish for a perfect finish and more durable. His innovative composition has been created and tested to provide total protection the acrylic nail to solar radiation (sun / UVA rays).

Acrylic Solar Line for nails Thuya is the only market with full UV screen (UVA) so it makes for a perfect summer product and customers who frequent tanning booths (UVA rays)


Comparative sunlight yellowing in acrylic nail


Gel nails for every occasion


Its texture allows for detailed work with large sculpted times

Acrílico para construcción y esculpido de uñas

Solar Line

Maximum sun protection. The nail color as bright as the first day with a sculpted intermediate time

Acrílico Solar Line para construcción y esculpido de uñas

Acrylic Premium

Comfortable, quick drying and sculpting results with Premium

Uñas de gel Advanced

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Acrylic Solar Line for nails

Salon Nail Form - Nails

Molds for acrylic nails construction.

Gel applicator brush nº 2

Perfect for construction of nails


For the construction of porcelain Nails.


It cleans particles produced during filing of acrylic and ...


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