Artificial Nail Line

Uñas de acrílico

In Thuya know that every professional nail is unique, so we different products suitable for their own art work .

Acrylic line for nails allows detailed work Product .

Its texture and drying times allow professionals a sculpted thorough where you can edit the nail until it is perfect.

The sculpted acrylic nail combines high performance with excellent results.

If you prefer a faster technique work, we suggest our line of Acrylic Premium with faster drying time, this line lets you work the product of more agile. Find the line that best suits you.

An acrylic nails for every occasion


Its texture allows for detailed work with large sculpted times

Acrílico para construcción y esculpido de uñas

Solar Line

Maximum sun protection. The nail color as bright as the first day with a sculpted intermediate time

Acrílico Solar Line para construcción y esculpido de uñas

Acrilic Premium

Comfortable, quick drying and sculpting results with Premium

Uñas de gel Advanced

Laboratory Tested
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Artificial Nails


Eyebrow & eyelash dye

Eyebrow & eyelash dye

It enhances the look and harmonizes
the face from the first application.

The Eyebrows and Eyelashes Dye has a double function: it provides the perfect colouring and it is, at the same time, a cosmetic treatment that restores the keratin of the eyelash

Carta de color

Gel On-OFF


Optimal density which enables to make decorations with ON OFF. High profitability. Maximum number of services More than 80 colours

Efecto Glitter

Deluxe Line

12 indispensable tones for any manicure

Perfect and professional finishing. Extra-thin Premium brush Amazing shining Outstanding adhesive properties. Fast drying. Quick and easy application

Advanced Evolution

Advanced Evolution

New range of colors. Gel builder soft on nails, profitable and fast

GEL Evolution. Be surprised by Advanced Evolution, you will love to work with it!


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