Gel for nails mono-phase
Gel for nails mono-phase

Gel Mono-phase opens the door to a new construction technique in one step, allowing faster service and maximum profitability of it.

Allows a strong bond to the natural nail and provide a high level of hardness and toughness.

The innovative technique Gel Mono-phase of THUYA Professional Line allows sculpting perfect nails, in a quick way, using fewer products. Thus, the professional will be able to make profitable his service to the maximum, whereas his client saves time.

Excellent results in durability and strength and is applicable inhands and feet, and can still be complemented with a French manicure finish.

We recommend applying the gel on tip (in hand) and fill every 20 days in the hands and a few days in feet.

Thuya products are the only ones ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested in the laboratory. It is recommended, however, perform 24 hours a litmus test for specific allergies of the client.

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Gel for nails mono-phase


A new technique of nails construction...

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Contains everything needed to offer the...

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