Gel for Nails Advanced Evolution


Gel Biphase for professionals wishing to provide excellent service in both mold and tip. 

Gel Advanced Evolution provides high quality and levels making the work of the professional easier. It can be dried in LED or UV lamp and it allows to reduce drying time.

Advanced Evolution
Easily levels and produces no burning sensation.

This technique consists of five builder colors - White, Clear, Soft Pink, Crystal Pink, and added as a new feature to our colors, Soft Peach Evolution , a soft peach toane. Wide variety of colors lets your imagination fly and offers some creative solutions for the professional.

Gel Advanced Evolution doesn’t need Base as we can already realise  the nail with the construction colours providing higher benefit and rentability for professionals.

A gel nails for every occasion

Gel for Nails Wood

Ideal for beginners sculpting gel

Uñas de gel wood

Gel for Nails Advanced

Ideal for rebuilds

Uñas de gel Advanced

Gel for Nails

One product.
Express service of the highest quality.

Uñas de Gel Mono-phase

Gel for nails
without Lamp

Beautification and elongation nail for a special occasion
Uñas de gel sin lámpara

Information for experts

THUYA products are dermatologically tested in laboratories

Tested in laboratories
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Gel for nails Advanced Evolution

Gel Advanced Evolution

Gel Advanced Evolution is easy to apply and creates a ...

Premium Brush n6

Nail brush for expert.


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