Gel for Nails Mono-phase

Uñas de Gel Wood

The Gel Mono-phase opens the door to a new construction technique in one step, allowing faster service and the highest profitability thereof.

Allows high adhesion to the natural nail and provides a high level of hardness and strength .

It is a technique that optimizes time and product (to be faster and single phase), providing the best performance and durability. This innovative system allows the gel center more profitable construction services nail .

The Gel Mono-phase achieved excellent results in durability and strength and is applicable in both hands and feet, in addition to being able to finish complemented with French manicure. Applying the gel on tip (in hand) and fill every 20 days in the hands and a few days more in feet is recommended.

Gel nails for every occasion

Gel for Nails Advanced

Ideal for rebuilds

Uñas de gel Advanced

Gel for Nails
Advanced Evolution

Biphase. Easily levels and produces no burning sensation.

Uñas de gel Advanced

Gel for Nails Wood

Ideal for beginners sculpting gel

Uñas de gel wood

Gel for nails
without Lamp

Beautification and elongation nail for a special occasion
Uñas de gel sin lámpara

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Gel for nails mono-phase


Specific to rebuilding bitten nails


A new technique of nails construction in one phase.


Contains everything needed to offer the service of ...


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