As a THUYA Advisor, I travel to many countries with established cultures of artificial nail use. This has led me to realize that demand is lagging for this product in Spain, both from professionals and customers. There are, however, new designs and different artistic trends emerging all the time

Quality test/ safety. We perform all the forms of testing required by established EU rules for products applied to eyes or surrounding areas. As a result, we have reduced the percentage of some ingredients or have completely eliminated others from the formulation...

Within the world of beauty, hands are an essential part of a person's first impression. Nowadays they are increasingly important and have begun to gain a special prominence among the different services offered by beauty salons.

Porcelain weakens the natural nail. Porcelain in any case needs to weaken the natural nail if the retiree is correct. What the professional must consider is not to remove the nail once with aggressive products. It is best to let the nail grows. To iron nail to match the thickness and prevent an unsightly, but without making the filling or applying dehydrating (first and coach). After two sessions of filing,

To develop customer loyalty. What is the best way? It really depends on what the customer is looking for: a seductive look. Suggest to the customer the new extension technique, along with permanent and dye.

THUYA Professional Line gives you the keys to increasing the success of your school, offers quality, variety and personal service. Differentiate and loyalty! Here are some tips...


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