Eyebrows straightening and dye step by step

Thanks to the technique of Eyebrows Straightening we can decide their design.

The dye allows colouring the grey hairs and to unify the tone.

Eyebrow Straightening and DyeThuya Professional

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1. The professional will wash his hands with the Antibacterial Purifying Soap.

2. Disinfect the work tools and the hands of the client with the Preparatory Hygienic Solution.

3. Remove make-up from the area with Water-based Make-Up Remover, even if the client has no make up on.

4. Comb the eyebrows with the Brush-comb.

5. Apply over the eyebrows a portion of Permanent gel with the help of the Orange stick. Avoid applying Permanent gel over the end tip of the hair of the eyebrows. Cover the area with osmotic film and a towel. Leave for 15 minutes.

6. After 2 minutes of exposition, remove the towel and osmotic film in order to check that the hairs of the eyebrows are placed in the right direction and cover it again. Repeat this step every 2 minutes, two more times, in order to obtain a satisfactory result.

7. Once the exposure time is over, remove the Permanent Gel with a dry cotton bud

8. Apply Neutraliser with a dry cotton bud and cover the area both with Osmotic film and a little towel. Leave it to act for 15 minutes.

9. Once the exposure time is over, remove the product with wet cotton.

10. Dry with a paper tissue.

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11. Apply a layer of Protector Cream special dye all around the eyebrows avoiding touching the hair.

12. Make the mixture of the dye in the Godet. Mix the chosen colour for eyebrow: For each 2cm of dye, 1cm of Special Solution for Dye Gel.

13. With the help of a Dye Brush, firstly apply the dye mixture in the opposite direction to the growth of hair. Avoid pressing the brush on the skin. Next, apply the dye on the Eyebrows in the same direction to the growth of the hair. Cover the eyebrow completely and comb with the Brush Comb to be sure that all the hair will be dyed.

14. Leave it to act for 15 minutes.

15. Once the exposure time is over, clean the product with wet cotton.

16. Comb the area with the Eyelashes Regenerating Cream.

17. Recommend your client the daily use of Eyelashes Regenerating Cream.

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