Eyelash extensions step by step

Eyelash extensions technique allows lengthen eyelashes with greater naturalness, duration and flexibility of the hair. THUYA, leading brand for professional products for the eyes area, offers a full KIT to perform the service in your center

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1. Prepare the working area. Place the material to be used on the stretcher. In a ceramic godet add Nail Polish Remover with acetone and place in the tweezers to be used later.

2. The professional must wash hands with Antibacterian Purifying soap and place the mouth mask to maintain the maximum hygiene.

3. Disinfect working equipment with Preparatory Hygienic Solution.

4. Clean the area with Eye Make-up Remover water base with the help of a cotton disk and dry with a tissue.

5. Cut two strips of Adhesive plaster to adhere the protector paper to the skin.

6. Place Protector Paper for extension on the lower eyelid, leaving the lower lashes above it.

7. Place two strips of plaster in the form of "X" over the lower lashes: the first one from the end of the eye to the Centre and the second one from the lacrimal to the centre.

8. Deposit a small portion of Eyelash extension Adhesive on the back of a Glass Godet.

9. Take a small amount of Extensions lashes of the numbers to use, and place them on the Sponge eyelash.

10. With the Curved Tweezers for extensions, take the selected extension selected by the Centre.

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11. With the Straight Tweezers for extensions, select a natural lash. Avoid touching the mobile eyelid with tweezers.

12. Submerge half way the extension in the Adhesive Extensions.

13. Place the Extension on the natural lash from 1 mm of the root and wait for adhering slightly.

14. To accelerate the drying process of the extensions, use the Dryer special for extensions.

Do not ventilate too much or to close as it can become annoying.

15. To perform full eye services apply extensions in series of 5 extensions per eye.

16. If extreme service is request, then just apply series of 3 extensions per eye.

17. Before completing service and to help to check the uniformity of application, combed with the comb brush or mascara brush.

18. Once the service is completed, gently take off the Protector papers. If you notice that the papers are overly attached, damp it with a cotton disk moistened with eye make-up remover water base.
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