Eyelash Permanent and dye step by step

Say good bye to straight eyelashes, giving them a perfect curve and color for a more expressive look

Eyelash Permanent and tint step by stepThuya Professional

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1. Disinfect hands and the tools with Preparatory Hygienic Solution.

2. Remove make up with the Make Up Remover Water Base with curcuma even if the customer wears no make-up.

3. Apply a line of Eyelashes Glue, the nearest possible to the hair root.

4. Shape the Curler and place it on the Eyelash Glue line.

5. Apply Eyelashes Glue over the Curler.

6. With the help of the Applicator stick, adhere eyelashes to the Curler. Avoid eyelashes from grouping together for the best result.

7. Apply a portion of Eyelash Perming Gel on the flat area of the Orange Stick Cover the area with the Osmotic film and a bandeau. Leave it in exposition for 15 minutes.

8. Once the exposure time is over, dry the Gel product with a dry cotton bud. 

9. Apply Eyelash Neutraliser on a dry cotton bud and damp well. Leave it to act for 15 minutes.

10. Once the exposure time is over, remove the curlers with wet cotton.

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11. Dry with a paper tissue.

12. Apply a thin layer of Protector Cream special dye on all the eyes contour avoiding the hair

13. Apply the Protector Paper below the eye.

14. Make the mixture of the dye in the Plastic Godet. For every measure of dye, apply a drop of Special Solution for Dye. 

15. Apply the mixture with a Dye Applicator Brush over the eyelashes covering the totality of hair. Leave it to act for 10 minutes.

16. Once the time is over, remove the product with a wet cotton.

17. Comb with Eyelashes Regenerating Cream.

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