Eyebrow Straightening and Dye

Allows to adapt the color of your eyebrows to the color of your hair.

Eyebrow Straightening and DyeThuya Professional

Our improved formula contains keratin, a protein that forms a part of the capillary structure of the eyelash. The Aloe Vera keeps being the characteristic ingredient of our dye. Time and external aggressors cause that the keratin of the eyelashes slowly disappears. The eyelashes become brittle, weak and tend to fall easily. The Keratin and the Aloe Vera help to hydrate, protect, strengthen, nurture, repair and increase the brightness and the color thanks to their restructuring power. The final results are excellent, characteristic and unique to Thuya dyes.

It is a simple technique based on correcting the natural shape of the eyelash.

The approximate duration with high quality products is up to 3 months, although the service is recommended at a frequency of approximately 45 days.

To get a look even brighter, it is ideal to combine permanent eyelash and eyelash dye.


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