Gel for Nails without Lamp

Application protocol for sculpted nails / nail construction with gel without
a lamp from Thuya Professional Line 

Recommended for the group of clients that ask for a beautification and nail elongation for a special occasion.

You do not need a filler because it lasts about a week. The gel without a lamp is a product that solidifies when exposed to air

Kit Components:

  • without lamp gel 14 ml.
  • 3g nail glue.
  • short tips
  • blue padded lima
  • taco lime washing
  • bags 2 pcs 20 pcs tips
  • tips 100 ml diluent, first 10ml
  • brush No. 0
  • preparer artificial nail 15 ml.
  • gel 1 4ml sensitive cuticles.
  • godet glass.

Gel for Nails without Lamp

For its application we use the brush that is included in the bottle as if it were a nail polish. 

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