Summer is just around the corner and we are almost ready to enjoy the sun, the desire to go out, it’s time to show off daring and fun manicures.

At Thuya, we’ve launched two new Deluxe nail polish displays to highlight the top trends for Spring-Summer 2024:

  • Crazy Chic: a showcase full of color, Includes Six incredible shades perfectly combined to give a special touch to the manicures of your most fashionable clients. Includes the shades: Exotic Ocean, Aloha Aqua, Aloha Party, Candy Orange, Tangerine and Mustard.

  • Fresh Smoothie: a refreshing display with fully summery tones. Intense and fresh shades to fully enjoy the summer. It includes the shades: Bloom Lime, Summer Papaya, Summer Apple, Bloom Lemon, Exotic Coral Rose, and Exotic Orange.

Additionally, when you buy this display, you get an incredible 2-in-1 Deluxe base as a gift. This protective base provides double function: it works as a base and top coat, offering greater durability and resistance to nails along with greater color protection.

Don’t Think Twice! Indulge in these two spectacular displays featuring the trendiest shades for your nails. Handpicked from our incredible collection of over 95 nail polish colors, these displays are a must-have for every nail enthusiast.