At Thuya we have innovated in treatments for eyebrows and eyelashes with a new completely vegan line without any ingredients of animal origin.

This vegan range maintains all the efficacy, quality and formulation for the eye area through 7 products:

  • Four new 100×100 vegan deyes with their dual function of color and treatment in a single application. They are formulated with an alternative to animal keratin: a hydrolyzed molecule derived from a combination of hemp and rice proteins, which strengthens the hair and provides elasticity. In addition, argan oil is kept in the formula, which penetrates the pores of the hair, improving its elasticity and flexibility. These new shades are: Black Night, Coffee, Warm Grey and Golden Brown.
  • Vegan cream neutralizer: essential to fix the shape of the hair once we have opened the cuticle with the permanent gel. Its texture avoids drips, making the application easier, more comfortable and safer.
  • Vegan permanent eyelash gel: that modifies the shape of the hair for eyelash lifting, eyelash perming and eyebrow straightening services. It maintains its function and effectiveness, achieving a product of the same quality and effectiveness, completely vegan.
  • Vegan eyelash regenerating cream: to offer the treatment from start to finish, from the salon to home maintenance. The vegan formulation includes active ingredients such as argan, castor and olive oil.

In addition, to complement and facilitate your transition to the vegan line, we are launching three new kits to beautify your eyes:

  • Vegan Line PERFECT LOOK Kit
  • Vegan Line BROW LAMINATION Kit
  • Vegan Line COLOR DREAM Kit

Go to the next level with the vegan line, offering the same treatments without animal ingredients but with the same quality and efficacy that are dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.